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The I-70 West Training Region was developed as one of ten POST grant training regions throughout Colorado.  The I-70 West Training Region is responsible for applying training and equipment funds on behalf of the law enforcement agencies within the I-70 West Training Region.  The region membership includes all law enforcement agencies and active peace officers in Rio Blanco, Garfield, Pitkin, Lake, Eagle, and Summit counties. 

​Allowable expenses for POST Grant funds include travel costs for peace officers attending official training, back fill, instructor fees, training supplies, and approved equipment supplies. Please visit the Colorado POST Grants page for more information on the regional grant program. 


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Governance Committee

The I-70 West Training Region is governed by a committee of peace officers in the I-70 West Training Region.  Each county is represented by a single board member, an at large chairperson, and the fiscal agent who is a representative of the fiscal agency where the grant has been awarded.

Chief Mike Kite, Silt Police Department


Sgt. Todd Haller, Snowmass Village Police Department

Fiscal Agency Representative & Secretary


Sgt. Dan Breyer Leadville Police Department

Lake County Board Member

Commander Thomas Whelan, Summit County S.O.

Summit County Board Member

Undersheriff Alex Burchetta, Pitkin County Sheriff's Office

Pitkin County Board Member

Sgt. Mike Young, Glenwood Springs Police Department

Garfield County Board Member

Inv. Garrett Duncan, 9th Judicial DA's Office

Rio Blanco County Board Member

Lt. Carrie Buhlman, Eagle Police Department

Eagle County Board Member

Agency Representatives

Each agency in the I-70 West Region is represented by one or more "Agency Representatives."  Agency representatives may be peace officers or civilian personnel in their agency. The agency representative is typically the training manager or agency executive.   The agency representatives often attend board meetings, participate in training and equipment needs discussions, and are the liaison between their agency and the I-70 West Training Region. 

Grant Coordination (Program Delivery & Grant Management).

The POST Grant also provides for program delivery and grant management funds to the fiscal agency.  These funds are crucial to the fiscal agency to manage the grant.  The Snowmass Village Police Department contracts with a grant manager to provide necessary program delivery and grant management.  The grant manager coordinates board meetings, scholarships awards, meeting minutes, bylaws, program guidelines, training registration, training marketing, and website management. 

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